Time and again, walking is consistently shown to have numerous benefits for mental health, physical health, lifespan and weight loss (when combined with a good diet). 

Given the mountain of research over the last 20 years championing the benefits, it’s surprising that people continue to underestimate the value of walking. 

There are, of course, legitimate reasons for that — which are sadly based on perception and bias. It’s a sorry fact, but once people have made up their minds on something, concrete beliefs and opinions are hard to shatter. 

Walking mostly gets a bad rap among fitness fanatics because of its simplicity. Because you don’t require any special equipment or training it isn’t taken seriously as a physical activity. 

Some people would even argue that walking doesn’t require a great deal of exertion either, and therefore cannot be classed as exercise. However, this view is short-sighted. Physical exercise is dependent on how you perform a specific activity. 

Physical exercise involves continuous, rhythmic movements that elevate the heart rate and improve cardiovascular endurance. When you walk through nature or engage in brisk walking, or even up a hill (and a flight of stairs for some people), you will be out of breath. 

If you’re out of breath, your heart rate is faster and your cardiovascular endurance is being pushed. Walking may not feel like an intense workout that other sports and aerobics offer, but it still encourages your body to function in ways that make you more healthy

Cultural and Social Norms Around Walking 

In some cultures or societies, walking may be seen as a less glamorous or less prestigious activity compared to other forms of exercise. People may be more drawn to activities that are perceived as more exciting, challenging or denotes a higher status (i.e. golf, tennis).

There is also a perceived lack of awareness. Many people may not be aware of the numerous health benefits associated with walking. Fitness websites and programs tend to focus on more vigorous exercise activities that involve strength training and endurance. 

Popular media and fixed views around a fitness culture can overshadow the benefits of walking. Fortunately, we are starting to see positive signs that mainstream media are reporting the health benefits of walking, together with medical practitioners. 

In recent years, certainly, since the pandemic, walking clubs have reported a rise in members. We identified the reasons why walking is becoming more popular in an article that we published last year. 

One of the reasons for the rise in people walking, we believe, is that people are becoming more aware of the health benefits. It’s not a coincidence that physicians are prescribing walking to patients with conditions such as depression and cardiovascular issues. 

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Overcoming these underestimations around the values that walking offers requires a shift in mindset. Sweatcoin intends to encourage people to incorporate walking into their daily routines and promote the benefits of this activity can help change the perception of its value. 

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Additionally, we provide education about the health benefits of walking and aim to debunk misconceptions about walking as a physical exercise that has no value. 

As the growing body of evidence shows, walking can contribute to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier body for people of all ages. Walking has even been found to have better long-term benefits than sports that involve stress and tension in your body. 

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