Going for a walk to “clear your head” is an oft muttered sentence when people have a problem to mull over. There’s something about walking that gives you the power to resolve issues. 

It’s not merely a coincidence. Studies have shown that walking improves cognitive function. It can help to dispel doubt, spur you into action or make decisions about important matters. 

This is particularly the case if you take walks to get some alone time. You sometimes need peace and quiet to organise your thoughts. But what alone time actually does is enable you to connect with yourself. 

Mindfulness Walking 

In Buddhist traditions, mindful walking is practised on a daily basis. The basic rule to train your brain to be mindful is to walk from heel to toe and feel every movement, every touch. It’s a process that involves being present. 

Mindfulness walking practices in the west have a similar philosophy but is more geared to helping you encourage feelings of happiness, peace or whatever other emotion you want each step to represent. 
In essence, mindfulness walking is flexible enough for you to set your own intentions for the practice. But regardless of how you construct your sessions, the main goal is to connect with your inner self. 

It is through this connection that you are able to tap into your inner wisdom. If you have a problem you need to resolve, the answer will find its way into conscious thought. It may take time for the answer to emerge, but mindfulness walking can serve as the space in which you organise your thoughts to ask the right questions. 

Connect With Nature

Walking in nature has also been shown to help us connect with the inner mind. Studies show that walking in nature has a special power to help you destress. It also promotes happiness, creativity and compassion.

Nature walks

Researchers have also shown that people that walk in nature on a regular basis are more inclined to have a positive outlook than people that don’t. Their emotional well-being enhances their capacity to cope with setbacks and deal with problems. 

Incidentally, spending time alone also boosts creativity, fosters happiness and makes you more empathetic. If you don’t get enough alone time, or if you need to practice solitude, taking a walking alone could prove to be an antidote. 

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