Science never ceases to amaze. And neither does nature. Scientists from the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at Osaka University discovered that walking habits in other species could provide clues about neurological disorders that affect movement in humans. 

Walking habits of Mice

The goal of the study was to analyse and compare behavioural data that identified walking habits of animals that share characteristics with human beings. 

Using animal tracking devices and along with artificial intelligence, the team of researchers recorded walking habits that demonstrated movement disorders are shared across species. 

Data was collected using deep learning algorithms that use multiple layers of artificial neurones. These powerful tools are capable of determining specific characteristics that are common in a variety of species simply by analysing animal tracks. 

The latest study obtain patterns of behaviour left by worms, beetles, mice and humans. 

Animal Walking Habits

Animal motion data identifies patterns of movement that generates information about neurological conditions in humans. Surprisingly the walking habits of mice and beetles are similar to homo sapiens – together with the slithering patterns of worms. 

Moreover, the data helps scientists to identify neurological functions that cause motor dysfunction. The research team also believe this method of research can be used to identify other common features which are symptomatic of other disorders.

The latest study discovered that motor dysfunctions in humans and animals are due to a lack of dopamine – a hormone transmitter that controls information processing in relation to movement, attention and motivation. 

So if you have some form of movement disorder, it may be due to low levels of dopamine. 

Dopamine is also known to regulate mood. Neuroscientists call it the ‘Happy Hormone” because it gives you a natural feel-good factor.  

Exercise is known to increase dopamines levels in the brain. Adopting regular walking habits will help to make sure your levels don’t drop. 

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