The UK government is planning to unveil a pilot scheme to tackle Britain’s growing obesity problem. With an estimated 64% of people overweight, obesity is placing a financial burden on the NHS. 

To battle Britain’s bulge, financial incentives will be offered to adults that engage in a health and fitness program. 

What a great idea! 

Hang on a minute, Sweatcoin is already doing that! 

sweatcoin app

We noticed there was an impending obesity problem in numerous countries around the world over half a decade ago. We launched sweatcoin in 2015 to reward people for healthy, sustainable and positive attitudes towards health and wellbeing

Moreover, we want to use technology for good so created an app that counts the number of steps you walk in a day from your mobile phone. 

But that’s not all. We offer financial incentives to reward people that dedicate a sufficient amount of time to walking and keeping fit each week. 

How does Sweatcoin work? 

It’s very simple. All you have to do is download the sweatcoin app to your smartphone and press ‘allow step counting’. You do not share location data and the app runs in the background so use very little battery power.  

Once the app is active, the built-in pedometer counts the number of steps you walk. And you can’t cheat. The technology is programmed to recognise the movement of walking. 

For every 1000 steps you take, you are rewarded 1SWC – digital tokens that can be traded in exchange for merchandise with any of our partners. 

If you tap on the ‘Physical Products’ tab on the far right of the menu bar at the bottom of the app, you will find all the latest promotions together with auctions. 

We also promote charitable causes so if you see one you like to support, why not contribute in SWC rather than your hard-earned pound sterling. 

If you can’t wait for the government to launch their ‘health incentive’ scheme in January 2022, download the sweatcoin app and start earning today!