UK travel writer Steven Primrose-Smith has laid down audacious plans to walk across the world. Starting and ending from his home in Port St. Mary, UK, the 51-year old hopes to take in as many important cities as possible such as Istanbul, Mexico City, Tokyo, Shanghai and London.

Mr Primrose-Smith has calculated that by “walking 20 miles a day, six days a week”, the journey will take him around four years. “But that won’t happen,” he added.

The estimated time it will take to walk across the world is closer to six, maybe even seven years. But it will be for a good cause. The ambitious walking challenge is to raise money and awareness for the charity, Doctors Without Borders. 

Why Walking Across The World Makes Sense 

If you want to travel the world and make money doing it, walking is clearly a cost-effective option – even more so if you download the sweatcoin app and cash your steps in for discounted merchandise. 

The Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul. the passage from Europe to Asia

The world is a wondrous place with a diverse landscape that prompts lofty aspirations of adventure by foot. As Mr Primrose-Smith points out, traversing from the countryside into a cityscape can help you learn a lot about a place. 

Walking also plays a huge role in emotional wellbeing and the longevity of life. The delight you get from stunning vistas, forested enclaves, dramatic cliffs and charming medieval villages is food for the soul. 

There’s little wonder that walking tourism is becoming increasingly popular in the post-pandemic world. Above all, it’s only by foot that you can get to some of the most remote spots on earth. 

Good luck Mr Primrose-Smith! Sweatcoin wishes you a safe and prosperous journey.

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