If you’re walking to stay fit, tackling hills are a challenge you must overcome. The challenge of walking up hills is arguably more about mental strength than physical.

Once you cultivate the right mindset, walking up hills is not half as bad as you think it is before you started. A technique for walking up hills is also beneficial!

What you will need to focus on is the rewards – and I don’t just mean the view. Conquering a tough hill gives you a great sense of achievement, releases endorphins and gives you ample health benefits.

The good news is there are techniques you can adopt to make walking up hills easier. Moreover, these tips will help you steer clear of muscle tears and strains.  

Hill Walking Techniques 

If the hill you are attempting to conquer burns your muscles and stops you in your tracks before you reach the top, try walking up hills that are less physically demanding. You can always check your progress when you come back to conquer the “Mother of all Hills!”