If you don’t ordinarily exercise other than walking between work hours, you should seriously consider taking up an exercise activity that gets you out of the house during the lockdown.

With a second lockdown sweeping the nation, it’s important for people to remain active. Not only that but looking after your health will help you survive coronavirus. 

Although the details of Covid-19 are sketchy, what we do know is people with a compromised immune system are most at risk. Shielded categories include the elderly and people with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 

However, people with poor lifestyles are also susceptible – even if you don’t realise it. Research indicates that unhealthy lifestyle choices including smoking and lack of exercise increase the risk of contracting Covid-19.

Light exercise such as walking can help you get in shape and strengthen your immune system. With gym closures and swimming pools out of bounds, walking represents a healthy alternative that is accessible to everyone. 

Nature walk

We also recommend walking in nature. It is widely believed that being in the great outdoors has both physical and psychological benefits. Nature walks also protect you against other common debilitating diseases such as depression, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. 

Need Motivation For Staying Active?

Even though your daily routine has been disrupted, it is important that you adapt to life in lockdown. Although you may not want to exercise you know you probably should.

As a matter of fact, the most difficult challenge some people will face during lockdown is finding the motivation to exercise. Walking is the easiest option. You do it most days anyway. Just because you haven’t got anywhere to go shouldn’t be an excuse not to tie your laces. 

If you do need extra motivation other than boosting your immune system, download the Sweatcoin app. The app has a built-in pedometer that systematically records your steps and calculates how much they are worth in SWC. 

Your steps are then converted into a digital currency we call sweatcoins or SWC; 1000 steps is equal to 1SWC. 

Moreover, we have teamed up with over 400 retailers that accept SWC as part payment for their merchandise. For example, for 20 sweatcoins you can get 50% off a wireless charger. 

20 sweatcoins means you only have to walk 20,000 steps. Experts recommend walking 7,500 steps a gives you the optimum health benefits. So in just three days, you can exchange your SWC for a half-price wireless charger. 

Yes, it really is that simple to earn massive discounts on hundreds of great products. And you improve your health in the process. 

Technology For Good 

Sweatcoin intends to use technology for good. You should too! And there’s no better time to start making healthy lifestyle choices than during a pandemic. 

Walking is proven to improve your physical and mental health. During lockdown both your physical and mental health come under fire. Going for a walk makes perfect sense!

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