With lockdown dragging on, it’s no surprise that people are going stir crazy. There has been a significant increase in the number of people reporting mental health issues

Given socialising is off-limits, the best option to stimulate your senses is to head out into nature for a walk. Simply spending time in green spaces has been shown to promote mental and physical health. 

The UK’s mental health charity organisation, Mind, also reports that spending time in nature supports mental health and physical wellbeing in several ways. The list on their website indicates walking: 

Nature walks have even been adopted as a strategy to manage children with behavioural problems. Researchers feel there could be a link between restless children and the lack of engagement with outdoor environments

Walking in Nature Inspires

Escaping into nature gives you a release from stress. Simply removing yourself from the chaos of cities and family households gives your mind a chance to rest. 

When the mind is resting, you are most in-tune with yourself. It is whilst in this state that you have your best ideas. 

The German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche wrote, “all truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.”

Walking in nature is not only inspiring but can be great fun too. If you have children and struggle to get them excited about heading into the hills, make your nature walks more enticing by creating games and fun challenges. 

Check out our article on how to make nature walks exciting for kids to get some ideas.

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