Whilst hiking in nature has numerous benefits, there is also an element of danger involved. Accidents do happen, and it’s not unusual for people to lose the trail and get lost. 

If you’re venturing into hostile terrain, two-way radios are an essential piece of kit. Whether you’re in a group or hiking independently, two-way radios enable you to get in touch with somebody in an emergency. 

With a radio, a search and rescue party will be able to reach you quicker. That could save your life and the well-being of others. It will certainly mean the rescuers can back to headquarters sooner for a cuppa. 

But even if you’re not in need of emergency assistance, two-way radios can come in useful. You may just need to call the kids back from their treasure hunt so you get the picnic out. 

Not only that, but two-way radios have other features that come in useful for a number of other reasons as well. 

Two-Way Radio Signals 

Mobile phones typically lose a signal in areas that are known for hiking. Signals can even be faint in parts of the English countryside. If you’re high in the mountains there is less chance of your getting a reception. 

Two-way radios always have a reliable signal so if you do fall and break your leg, you’ve more chance of connecting with someone immediately. 

However, before you purchase a two-way radio, check the range. Some models have a limited range of around 3 to 4 miles. The best radio for hikers can cover distances 38 miles

Having said that, don’t expect to get the maximum range in every location. Mountain ranges and dense forests will weaken the signal and shorten the range. 

Robust Build

Two-way radios are more robust and durable than mobile handsets as well. If you drop a walkie-talkie on the ground, it’s more likely to go unscathed. Most models are made from hardwearing materials and often have rubber covers to protect the electronics. 

They’re also waterproof and splash-proof so you won’t need to worry about wading through water or using them in a downpour.

Two-Way Radio Features 

Some two-way radios also have useful features such as a flashlight; which is useful for following the trail if you don’t make it back before nightfall. 

A panic button is also a useful feature in case you need to alert somebody from your group or in another group. A hands-free feature also means you can hold on to something with your hands without the radio getting in the way. 

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