Too good to be true?

Sweatcoin is simple. We want you to walk. More. And for that, we’ll reward you. We believe your steps have value: to you, your health insurance, society. In short: you walk, we pay.

And why? Because you’ll be happier. Your health will improve. You’ll spend more time outdoors. You’ll feel more energized. And we want a planet full of people like this.

So how do we get there?

We built a clever little app using our step verification algorithm to convert your outdoor steps into a virtual currency, which you can spend on real goods and services.

No matter how active you are, your steps now count for something. By earning and spending your sweatcoins, you make immediate gains and enjoy long-term benefits.

Now walk, earn, spend, repeat. You’ll see, it pays to walk.

Sweatcoin app step tracking screen

Who pays for it?

The brands, insurers and healthcare providers on our platform, to connect with people like you. We think that’s only fair.

What do you do with my data?

We want to say this loud and clear: we don’t sell your data, and never will.

Step count and GPS

By collecting your step count from your phone’s pedometer and comparing it with your GPS location, we can verify your steps using our algorithm. This allows us to convert them into sweatcoins.

Phone number and email

Your phone number and email address are the keys to your account – we use these to make sure your account is secure, and stop others from getting in.

Account details

If you’re having technical issues or want a refund, we can access your account history to investigate and help you.

In short: we only use your data for your benefit.

Sweatcoin app transaction screen

The future of Sweatcoin?

We’re in talks with local and national governments, who share our vision of a more active, healthy society. We’re also partnering with healthcare providers and insurance companies, to create an even greater incentive to get moving.

We see a future where sweatcoin is a currency for everyday use: grocery shopping, or even paying your taxes. So watch this space – earning sweatcoins today might be a smart investment tomorrow.

Join us on the journey. Download Sweatcoin today, and never walk for free again.