What separates us from our chimpanzee brethren is our ability to create mass cooperation networks. Way back when, our ancestors realized it was quite handy having a hunting buddy to give you a heads up as predators approached, and ever since we’ve been working in unison towards shared goals. In many ways, using Sweatcoin is a solo activity. It’s about helping you to walk more, feel healthier, and all that good stuff. But when you take a look at what we can achieve together, that’s when the big numbers come out. That’s why our data man Dan did the math, to present you with a glimpse of what us sweatcoiners are made of…

Strength in numbers

 Try and picture 1 million dollar bills stacked in front of you; at 4,000 inches high, they would be the length of a football field. Now, at 40,000 inches tall, or 60 miles, a billion is around the thickness of the Earth’s atmosphere. Now, a good way of visualizing a Centillion would be…Just kidding. That’s enough brain freeze for one article. See, although big numbers grab our attention, most of us struggle to put them into context, let alone visualize them. So what’s the simplest way of providing social proof that Sweatcoin is helping people to walk in a way that we can all understand? By taking huge numbers and using space travel to contextualize them, of course!

You may, or may not know that the Earth has a circumference of 40,075km; together, the Sweatcoin community does a lap of our planet every 5 minutes. The number of steps? 52,591,865. Impressive. We’re not bad at moonwalking either;  together we walk there every 43 minutes, at a lengthy 384,400km, and 504,461,958 steps. At 4.52 days traveling time, a trip to the Red planet is comparatively longer but still pretty decent for a distance of 54,600,000. As for the steps? We’ll let you do the maths (or ask us if you’re really stuck).

Ain’t no stopping us now.

We’re just getting started, and it’s all down to you, and every little step you take. Every time you pop out for milk, opt for the scenic route to work or even take part in an egg and spoon race, you’re bringing us a little closer to the moon. Well, getting us there quicker. If you haven’t got involved yet, simply download Sweatcoin and get started! Embrace your tribal nature, take pride in your role in our community, and help us do a lap of the Earth every 3 minutes! Or wait until the next stage of evolution kicks in, we all become cyborgs and can speedily trot across the globe with our bionic sonic legs.