After long, dark, winter months, spring is literally a breath of fresh air. As the days get longer, the nights get shorter and it gets warmer, nature reacts dramatically. 

Spring symbolises the rebirth of nature and our body integrated into nature wakes up feeling the changes around it. Since our body wakes up from hibernation, warm days provide us with immense opportunities to stay in nature. Walking is the best way to start the transition from inactivity to activity – from winter to spring.  

Why it’s great to set up a walking challenge during this period of the year?

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.” – Aristotle. 

Spring, dressed in some of the most beautiful colours of the rainbow, is the best time of the year to enjoy the magic of nature. 

The Pleasure of Walking in Spring

As the temperature rises, animals wake from hibernation. The bird song reaches its peak during the spring, so this time of year is an ideal time to enjoy this dessert for the ears. 

There are also many wildflowers that deserve full attention. Go to the nearest forest and look for some of the beautiful wildflowers that show off there. 

It is best to go in early spring before the leaves on the trees obscure the light. Soak up all the sights, sounds, and smells around you as nature comes to life again after the winter break.

Spring is a great time to enjoy the benefits of the sun. Staying outdoors for at least 30 minutes a day improves physical appearance, mood, and concentration and increases the level of vitamin D, which, among other things, prevents osteoporosis, cancer, and depression. Remember to use the necessary protection from the sun when staying outdoors.

Spring Walks Can Be Inspiring

Great minds like Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nietzsche, Aristotle, and Ernest Hemingway were passionate walkers. Set yourself the goal of walking for at least 30 minutes each day and then try to do a bit more. A walking challenge is a great place to begin to build endurance and stamina. 

This activity has the least possible negative impact on the musculoskeletal system and can help relieve pain and joint stiffness. Adding a brisk pace to your step can help you feel good, reduce anxiety, help manage your weight, reduce blood pressure and help you sleep better. But for long-term health benefits, you’ll need more than the occasional casual walk around the neighbourhood.

Your joints just can’t wait for the spring sun, vitamin D, and a slight jump in serotonin levels for warm smiles on happy faces. Walking is an ideal form of physical activity for someone who wants to carefully begin their process of getting back in shape. There is no easier and simpler activity, which brings so many benefits. 

Make a walking plan today and get going, you won’t regret it. And it is certain that after a while you will be the one to recommend walking to others as an ideal way to achieve great health. 

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