Being disabled may mean you’re not as active as you might like to be. But in many cases, a disability doesn’t have to prevent you from being inactive altogether. 

Rollators help people that have difficulty walking get out and about. Rollators are walking frames that are fitted with three or four wheels. Most of them also have a seat which can either be used to carry something or for you to sit down when you need a rest. 

You can also find rollators with bags so they are useful for light shopping. Or if you want to go out for the day, to the park or into the countryside, you can use the bag to carry a packed lunch. 

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Why Buy A Rollator Walking Frame? 

When you feel as though you’re lacking mobility, it can deter you from going out for a walk. However, it’s important that everyone gets some form of exercise. 

Researchers have found that a 30-minute walk five times a week has health benefits. Walking improves your cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of chronic illness and improves your mood. 

Rollators encourage people with disability and mobility issues in old age to go for a walk. They provide you with more stability, a have space to carry things without the risk of falling over. Walking frames with wheels, therefore, offer you more freedom and independence. 

They also give you convenience and comfort when you’re walking further than you might do ordinarily. This means you can go further afield on day trips without feeling as though you are limited. 

Rollators are fitted with puncture-proof wheels so they are ideal for all types of terrain. They also have padded seats and adjustable handles for added comfort. You can, therefore, use them as a wheelchair if you start to tire. 

Ultimately, you make more of your life and get more exercise with a rollator. 

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