“This year, I will start a walking programs and lose 15 kilograms, start going to the gym, quit a job, finally invite the girl I like at work out on a date and start writing a book.”

Sound familiar? 

New Year’s resolutions should not be throw-away ideas. They should be a declaration that motivates you to aspire to your life’s and make decisions that foster health and wellbeing.

New Year metaphorically and symbolically marks a new beginning. Many of us have want to turn the proverbial page and change some things for the better. 

Most people want to drop bad habits and acquire good habits like exercise, eat more reality, reduce stress and lose weight. 25% don’t even make it through the first week. Another 71% drop out after 2 weeks and 64% have failed before the end of January.

After six months more than half the people that make a new year’s resolution have not kept to their promise. 

So how can you start exercising and keep it going throughout the year? 

Waking in Nature

To start exercising you need to do something engaging. Studies have shown that morning exercise has a stronger effect, then we are more motivated than going to exercise in the evening. 

But if you’re not a morning person, you’ll probably sack off exercise and laze in bed. 

Walking in nature has the greatest lure because it gives you more options. Most people live in reaching distance of a park, field or woodland area. If you need more motivation, go on a mission. Collet pine cones, search for coins, hunt for a lucky four-leaf clover. 

If you want some great ideas for things to do on a nature walk, check out this article

When you have time, you can even visit areas of natural beauty to go walking in. And once you recognise how much you enjoy walking in nature, it will become a key part of your life. 

Health Benefits of Walking in Nature

Mental health experts say that a half-hour walk in nature reduces depression in 70% of depressed people and increases self-confidence in 90% of them Nature really does “clear the head”. 

People who walk in nature are much less worried and anxious. It can boost your concentration, reduce the symptoms of hyperkinetic disorder (hyperactivity; attention deficit disorder), and sharpen your senses.

Have you ever noticed you feel calmer and happier after immersing yourself in nature? It’s not something you may notice or remember, but try it and notice how different you feel. 

Scientists don’t know the reason why nature feels like this, but it’s probable that nature helps to bring our bodies and minds into the natural rhythm of the earth – the Schumann Resonance.

Unlike exercising indoors, walking in nature exposes you to different landscapes which constantly leave you in awe. 

The human body needs direct experience with nature. This internal need is becoming an even greater imperative now in the technological age when nature serves as an “antidote” for the shortcomings of technological influences. 

The more our lives become filled with high-tech technology, the more we will need nature.

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