Walking is a great way to lose weight. Power walking is even better. If you want to shed the pounds and get in shape, start your walking routine today. You’re probably going to be walking anyway. 

Up The Pace 

You need to work a long way at a casual speed to burn enough calories to lose weight. Walking a long way means it takes more time. If your time is precious, pick up the pace to a brisk walk and you can shed approximately 170 calories every 30-minutes. Power walk and rack the calorie count up to 564 an hour. 

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Alternate Walking Speed 

Walking faster helps you burn more calories and improve your cardiovascular  system which helps build immunity and lose weight. Researchers have also discovered varying your walking speed will burn an additional 20% more calories than maintaining a steady pace. Taking breathers at regular interval enables you to walk quicker over longer distances. 

Tackle That Hill! 

Yeah we know, hills burn the thigh muscles. They also burn weight so get stuck in. The more exhausted you get, the quicker your heart rate pumps out blood which improves your metabolic rate. We don’t recommend you eat a pasty whist your tackling a steep hill, but the more hills you climb, the less you have to worry about consuming too many calories. 

Set Daily Goals 

Motivation is a key focus of losing weight. And the best way to motivate yourself is to set a daily goal that is achievable – but means you have to push yourself a little. 

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Researchers say to making walking pay, you need to clock up between 10,000 and 15,000 steps – and incorporate healthy eating habits. Weight loss means losing more calories than your consume. 

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