New Year’s resolution only comes round once a year. Most self-promises don’t last one week. Walking, perhaps, just maybe, has a chance of staying the distance. 

For most people, at least one new year’s resolution is to get back in shape. Another is to take more time for yourself.

Walking does both in one fell swoop. Walking is a positive step (pun intended) to sticking to your NY resolutions. It’s also an enjoyable way to engage in an entry-level form of exercise.

brisk walking

Of course, your motivation will come from the type of walking you do. Trekking is a good option because there is a set route for you to follow and little motivation is needed to get outside.

Brisk walking has more health benefits and improves your fitness levels. It also works wonders for your general well-being. But it takes more effort and thus motivation. 

It really depends on your overall goals, how dedicated you are and what you enjoy. However, just heading out for a walk will do you the world of good.

Walking – A Simple Resolution

Scientific studies prove walking helps your develop a stronger body, better mental health and boosts your immune system

Walking doesn’t cost much either. Other than a good pair of comfortable shoes, you don’t need any other equipment – unless you’re going rambling or trekking. For these occasions, rambling equipment is strongly advised

Physical Activity In 2021

Walking has rocketed to the top of the physical activities charts in 2021. We can’t ignore COVID but we can’t ignore exercise either. Medical experts have confirmed that lockdown can pose mental health problems. Researchers at Sheffield University found depression rates across the UK have almost tripled. 

Despite the restrictions, well-being has to come first. With gyms and leisure centres closed to the general public, brisk walking is a healthy alternative.  

Motivation And Keeping Up With The Resolutions 

Motivate yourself by setting goals. Do you want to exercise to get fit, burn fat, improve health or strengthen your body? It could be all four, of course, but you will need to spread your focus across the week.

If you struggle with self-discipline, make small, achievable goals – and stick to them. Instead of planning a five-mile walk, do a mile. Once you get into it, pick up the pace. You might find that you go the extra mile or four anyway.

Another motivating factor is to keep track of your daily steps and challenge yourself to beat your personal best over the course of a week. 

The Sweatcoin app is a useful tool. Not only does it act as a pedometer and records how far you have walked, but it also converts your steps into a digital currency which you can use to buy 100’s of merchandise for massively discounted prices. 

When you’re ready to up your game and boost your brisk walking workout, why not try some of the exercises we recommend.

Sweatcoin is with you every step of the way. Our app is designed to help keep you motivated and use technology for good. 

So be good to yourself in 2021! 

Happy New Year!

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