Do you fancy yourself a master expeditioner? These walking feats put even the most seasoned walkers to shame, with walks that span countries and climates. 

2020 can be dubbed the year of the long walk (amongst other less favourable slurs). But lockdown walking took on a new meaning for a few ambitious walkers trekking across hundreds and thousands of miles during the pandemic.

After sharing Jon Moss’s story of selling his home to walk Offa’s Dyke, we decided to dig a little deeper into some incredible walking adventures. Could you match the efforts of these sensational trekkers? Think of the Sweatcoin gains…

5,000 Miles from Kiev to Powys

Like Jon Moss, Ursula Martin gave up her house and job to walk, taking on the incredible mission of walking 5,000 miles across Europe. Beginning in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, Martin made her way back to her home in Powys over the course of a rigorous 3-year walking challenge. 

Having been diagnosed with ovarian cancer 10 years prior to this challenge, Martin wanted to push herself to the limit to raise awareness of this illness. She enjoyed feeling ‘normal’ pains, such as achy knees and grazed heels, but reassured supporters that she felt so strong when crossing the finish line.

Martin managed to navigate this challenging journey while contending with the pandemic, which saw European countries close their borders. Martin kept her head down and bided her time until she could travel again. That’s sticking power!

13 Year Tree-Hunting Walk

Another to take on the ever-popular Offa’s Dyke, Rob McBride decided to walk the 177 miles of the Welsh/English coastal path to record the details of ancient trees that populate the area. Having taken 13 years to complete this challenge, he jokes that he must be the ‘slowest walker ever’, but maintains that he needed to be meticulous to record as many trees as possible. 

McBride has logged hundreds of trees along the way, but supposes he may have missed a few. We reckon he deserves the benefit of the doubt after 13 years’ dedication to ancient trees, don’t you?

79-Year-Old Walks 181 Hilltop Tors

John Holl began walking hilltop tors in August 2020, and has just finished his mission of walking more than 180 of Dartmouth’s tors to raise money for charity. After completing his final mission at Yes Tor in July, he has raised over £4000 for Totnes community transport Bob the Bus. 

walking feats

Apparently, the walks went smoothly, apart from one tricky day when a river burst its banks in a torrential rainstorm, which meant they had to abandon the walk.

Not too shabby for a man nearing his eighties!

Have these impressive walking feats put a spring in your step? Why not take on your own challenge and raise money for a charity of your choice, or simply go on a once in a lifetime spiritual journey?

Leave a comment below if you’ve got any long-distance walks coming up. And don’t forget to clock up the miles on the sweatcoin app and cash your efforts in for some well-earned rewards.