You know you need to exercise. You realise its good for your physical and mental health. You even know – deep down – that it will make you look and feel better. 

Yet none of these benefits help stir your motivation.

The reason for that is probably because you have not experienced these benefits for yourself. You have only be told by other people and although the advice makes rational sense, you have to experience it for yourself.

So you have to program your mind to recognise the benefits. Until then, you have to motivate yourself to start exercising so you can recognise the benefits for yourself.

First of all, decide exactly what you want from a health and fitness routine. Then build an exercise routine that enables you to achieve your goals!

Why Fitness Walking Works 

Fitness walking a low-commitment, low-impact exercise routine. It’s low-impact is because walking does not course injury or damage to your joints like other sports. 

It’s low-commitment because you walk every day anyway. Fitness walking is a natural next step but gives you a better workout than a casual walk. 

Fitness walking makes you breathe deeper and causes your heart to pump faster. This means you get more oxygen into your bloodstream. 

Your body relies on oxygen to kill bacteria and provide cells with the energy they need to create the body’s natural defence mechanism againbst viruses. With a strong immune system you are less likely to be ill. 

A strong immune system also gives you a better defence to defeat coronavirus.

How To Get Motivated 

Motivation is really just another word for commitment. So why not commit to staying alive. Coronavirus aside, researchers have found that walking faster extends your life span

We have covered how to get started with fitness walking in this article so there is no need to repeat it here. Head over there for a strategy. But first, let’s get you motivated. 

  1. Write down what you want to achieve from an exercise routine; feel better, look better, stay alive etc.
  2. Set personal goals for the week. Start off walking at least three times a week for at least 30-minutes. Your weekly goals will then be expanded to walk further (because you are walking faster) within your allotted time.
  3. Give yourself a reward when you hit your weekly goal. And when you don’t, be disciplined not to treat yourself. 
  4. Share your goals with people that can, and will, support you.
  5. Create a schedule for fast walking and stick to it. Once you have a routine, tuning your mindset into exercising is much easier. 
fitness walking

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