You’ve probably already heard that meditation relieves stress and anxiety, improves the state of the immune system, and reduces pain. It leads to better memory function and emotional stability and sounds like a small miracle that helps you to achieve inner peace.

However, for some people, sitting in silence and focusing on breathing just doesn’t work. Not only is it difficult to find that inner peace that everyone mentions, but it is often a problem for you to find silence if you live with several people, have children, a pet…

Meditation is a complex process that requires complete concentration, and this is a problem that beginners often face when practising sitting meditation. Luckily, there is a way to meditate while walking, since walking helps the body synchronize with the mind while connecting with nature.

Focus On The Steps

Mindfulness walking can be done by focusing only on the steps we take while walking. Since meditation involves focusing our attention on one thing, this type of walk will be very effective for clearing the mind and relieving stress.

Walking meditation basically means focusing on what you are doing in the moment rather than your goal or destination. The focus is on the movements of the body, not the mind. It is important to find a place where you can walk peacefully without being disturbed. Start with a light walk and focus on the present, on the physical movement. 

Use Your Breath To Relax

There are various yogic breathing exercises that allow us to reduce stress levels, calm down and bring more oxygen into the body. Whether you use one of the simple pranayama techniques (breathing exercises) or simply shift your attention to your breath, your mood will change for the better.

Breathing exercises are a valuable aid in acquiring new breathing habits. If we are aware of the moment in which we are doing something, if we feel comfortable, the subconscious will detect that and “reward” us by stimulating the secretion of hormones that cause relaxation and pleasure. In such an environment, the body will not only function normally but also “repair”, raising the entire functionality of the organism, including the immune system, to a higher level.

Breath is the bridge between body and mind, body and soul. You can strengthen this connection by adding focus to each inhale and each exhale. Also, you can add a positive thought to each breath like “good,” “relaxed,” “happy” or even “proud.” Then as you exhale through the mouth, think about letting go of any stress, anger, or antsy.

Even 10 Minutes Is Effective

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress and you’ve just finished a hard day, there’s nothing better than getting up, putting on your sneakers, and going for a walk. The speed and duration of the walk are not so important. You take a break from everyone and everything and everything passes, even temporarily.

“Movement can be one of the best choices to manage feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, or heightened stress,” says therapist Stephanie Korpal, MEd, owner of Marble Wellness. If you spend just 10 minutes moving in nature, paying attention to smells and sounds, you will improve your mental and physical health.