If a video or image of a goddess walking on water were to go viral, it would likely attract a lot of attention and generate a lot of interest. People would likely be amazed and curious about how this is possible, and it could lead to a lot of discussion and speculation online.

This is precisely what happened in India when an elderly lady in Madhya Pradesh was captured walking across the Narmada River in Jabalpur. After the video went viral, hundreds of people flocked to the river bank in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the goddess Maa Narmada.

Walking on water is not physically possible for humans, as it goes against the laws of physics. Any video or image that claims a person is walking on water is likely to be false. But that didn’t stop worshippers that wanted to believe the woman was some sort of divinity. They even created a human chain to worship her and carry her across the road. 

The bewildered woman was identified as Jyoti Raghuvanshi. She was on a pilgrimage to circumambulate the Narmada River and denied she was any kind of incarnation of the goddess. However, the throng of devotees that flocked to Jabalpur insisted it was a miracle and claimed the woman had healing powers. 

Raghuvanshi again denied these claims but did reveal that she was well-versed in indigenous medicine and gave advice to someone that asked her about their ailments. 

The police also discovered the woman had been missing for 10 months. Her family was searching for her so she was now being taken back to her home in Narmadapuram.

Walking does have many health benefits and whilst it has been said that walking can perform the miracle of healing, walking on water is perhaps too far for the imagination to stretch. 

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