3rd March 2021


15.5Bn steps given

To kickstart an epic month of giving back, we want to introduce you to our brand new Sweatcoin For Good newsletter! We’ll be sending this out via email on the first Wednesday of each month, to any user that donated the month before.

Together, we raise invaluable funds that make an inspiring difference for so many initiatives out there – but it’s important that we share with you just how much value your sweatcoins have and how much we admire your support too.

Environment 🌳

Your generous contributions to One Tree Planted have meant that in just 5 days we have raised enough funds to plant 254 trees in the Andes! This means so much, as they look to restore the high Andean native forest.

Over in Madagascar, you have also made a mark!

Madagascar’s biodiversity is so fragile that a focus on conservation is crucial to ensure their beautiful ecosystems can thrive. That’s why we brought focus to SEED Madagascar whose efforts had sadly been impacted by COVID-19… thanks to your support, they now have the resources to get back to their mission to conserve and protect their precious environment!

Community ❤️

Further thanks are for our sponsor Stripped Beauty, who made a kind donation on your behalf to the NAACP. Every single sweatcoin that you contributed is helping to bring us one step closer to eliminating race-based discrimination!

Your goodwill has also provided support to Partners, as they work with families across Syria who have been displaced by war. The winter can be brutal enough, without even having to sleep in the cold – but thanks to you and the steps you have chosen to give to this initiative, so many of these families will now be able to keep warm!

Wildlife 🐶

We would like to highlight Project18, which raised an impressive 7M sweatcoins this month! By giving to this initiative, you have helped to supply 6 tonnes of food that will go out to 13 organisations across South Africa, feeding a heartening sum of 3,200 animals.

WDC in partnership with Arcticus will be providing continuous care and feeding to the famous Little Grey and Little White – two beluga whales who were given a new home after 13 years of captivity! All thanks to you, our ocean friends will now have all the support they could need for the release into their new open-water home.

Walk To Wellness 🚶

*For our sweatcoin family over in the UK

Thank you to those who took part in our Walk To Wellness challenge in partnership with WW! We hope that this injected some fun into your lockdown life and that it gave you something to look forward to each week.

In total, you all managed to walk a collective 115M steps whilst you listened to 12 engaging Walk & Talks, with an array of exciting guest speakers. By taking part, you have unlocked impressive funds for The Trussel Trust and are now a part of building a hunger-free future!

Next Month ➡️

We have an exciting selection of fundraisers in store for you this month, so be sure to take a look! Check out the app this week as we look to support Edgar’s Mission, a charity focused on offering sanctuary to animals in need.

Fun Fact – Edgar’s Mission was actually introduced to us by one of our users… often out walking with her daughter, we thought what better than to surprise her with her favourite charity!

3rd Feb 2021


20.5Bn steps given

We launched ourselves into 2021 with our NYE countdown – brought to you by Rave To The Moon 🚀 – kickstarting an epic month of giving back and building awareness for so many admirable initiatives.

Sweatcoin For Good is making an impact… and that’s all thanks to you!

Environment 🌳

Thank you to one of our sponsors The Green Company for reflecting your sweatcoins donated by raising funds for Cool Earth. Together, you have helped drive us towards a carbon-neutral future, as they work alongside local rainforest communities, looking to halt deforestation.

Community ❤️

We’d also like to highlight Food For Life, which raised over 1.5M sweatcoins in just a week. By supporting this initiative, you have helped to provide an incredible total of 3,017 meals – we are so grateful!

Embrace Relief in partnership with Circleboom will be building a water well in Chad, Africa. With your donations, clean water will now be available to over 2,000 people for the next 7+ years guaranteed!

Wildlife 🐶

Further thanks are in order for our sponsor WAKEcup, who made a generous donation on your behalf to the Marine Conservation Society. Every sweatcoin that you contributed is helping to fund vital work protecting sea life and marine habitats.

Rave to the Moon ☄️

New Year’s Eve marked the world’s first charity rave-a-thon… and you were a part of it! We generated a festival-sized buzz of 24,000 people, who together took 17 million steps and raised over £11K for over 200 charities!

Follow the journey here!

Next Month ➡️

For our Sweatcoin For Good family in the UK, we are bringing you the Walk To Wellness – in partnership with WW.

In need of a new challenge to get you through this next lockdown? Unlock your early access here!

23rd May 2020



SEED Madagascar partnered with Sweatcoin for our first crowdfunding campaign in April of 2020. Our campaign was for a sustainable livelihoods and beekeeping project that urgently needed support.

Not only did the donation we receive from Sweatcoin boost our project funds, but the campaign raised awareness and more donations from many Sweatcoin users.

Since the campaign ended, we have also doubled our email list thanks to people opting in to hear more from us through the app and we’re delighted to have increased our reach internationally.

Working with a platform like Sweatcoin is both a great way for charities to raise awareness of their work, particularly small organisations like SEED, but also a great way for the app users to learn about different causes.

21st May 2020



Elbi have Dropped many items with Sweatcoin from an Off-White x RIMOWA suitcase, a Fendi handbag and most recently a pair of exclusive Dior Air Jordans.

The campaign brought in over $4.7k from the Sweatcoin community who were also kindly donating their Sweatcoins to support the campaign.

All donations raised will go to support the vital work of the Naked Heart Foundation and is helping to fund part of their curriculum-based learning from those with special educational needs.

16th May 2020



Reach Within, based in the West Indies, launched the 10 for 10 Campaign as a direct response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Many vulnerable young adults and families with whom we work immediately lost their income and access to food security as a result of the pandemic.  Residential care homes, who typically supplement their food supply with donations from restaurants and hotels, were also suddenly unable to provide wholesome meals for children in care.

Thanks to the 10 for 10 Campaign and the generous donation from Sweatcoin Members,  Reach Within is providing nourishing food to our community through a small scale farming project. In order to create sustainable change, we are also applying our knowledge in trauma informed care to help children and young adults reconnect back to the land; while also teaching them the skills to create their own gardens and grow food for their own communities.

14th May 2020



Many of our students are extremely clinically vulnerable due to their complex physical disabilities, and so have been shielding at home due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

The money raised from our Sweatcoin campaign will go towards the work of our amazing transport team who have been travelling around the clock to deliver crucial medication and equipment to our students, as well as driving care staff so that they can provide support to families in their homes.

We would like to extend our thank you to everyone who chose to support our campaign and in turn provide our inspiration students with the vital supplies that they need in these challenging times.

To find out more about how you can support Treloar’s, please visit https://www.treloar.org.uk/support-us/

16th April 2020



Preemptive Love partnered with Sweatcoin to focus on relief for refugees around the world under lockdown due to COVID-19.

Many families in Venezuela and in refugee camps in Iraq were hungry. Without access to work, families are unable to purchase food. Through the Sweatcoin campaign, Preemptive Love reached a new audience to spread awareness and catalyze action for serving the most vulnerable.

The donation from Sweatcoin provided food packs delivered door-to-door to hungry families in Iraq and Venezuela. So no one starves in quarantine.

Photos of food distributions in Iraq and Venezuela: https://preemptivelove.box.com/s/oz9l2tfuxzfx4aqwo9ej6bwtrf0m0qro

15th April 2020



With your generosity and love, Crisis Aid has rescued women and children from sex trafficking in East Africa and now has an opportunity to be light during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Just this past month, girls you rescued have produced 5,000 masks to be dispersed! 800 masks alone were distributed amongst children in our speed school system and the team is diligently working toward producing 5,000 additional masks for those in need.

The story of their unwavering effort has been broadcast across East Africa to raise awareness, bring hope, and encourage others to “Refuse to do Nothing”. This is only possible because of you – Saving Lives, Saving Souls, and Changing Futures. Thank you!

9th March 2020



With the help of your Sweatcoin donations, The Turtle Foundation built a hatchery at the beach on Buggeisiata, Indonesia, where they have been protecting the Leatherbacks since 2017.

The Foundation has 8 rangers who patrol the beaches to protect the turtles from poachers. Nests are moved to the guarded hatchery, where the hatchlings can develop undisturbed from poachers and natural predators.

In the nesting season 2018/2019 there were 55 nests from Leatherbacks. 44 of them were relocated into the hatchery. Out of these, 3,085 hatchlings were safely born and released to the ocean.

8th March 2020



The global Covid19 pandemic knows no borders and the impact has been felt in Ghana.

With lockdowns, school closures and social distancing measures in place, our work has been greatly impacted particularly with the primary school children.

This has meant that we’ve had to adapt how we continue to deliver our mantra of “Clean Hands Saves Lives”.

To do this we have set up hand washing stations in 12 villages, and delivered health messaging while maintaining social distancing to ensure the safety of our staff.

3rd March 2020



Water and sanitation services bring transformational change to school communities.

Students in Chilomoni Primary School in Blantyre, Malawi previously had to drink from a shared bucket of water in their classroom. The toilet blocks didn’t provide a dignified place for students to go to the bathroom.

Water For People’s work in schools like Chilomoni Primary School is crucial to ensuring that the next generation of students has safe and hygienic school environments.

New drinking stations mean no more dipping cups into shared buckets of water in classrooms. Improved toilet blocks mean no more missing class or going to the bathroom in the bush.

Handwashing stations mean diseases like cholera stop spreading.

Menstrual hygiene resources mean girls can stay in school when they’re on their periods.

In 2019, Water For People reached 364 schools with access to improved water, sanitation, and hygiene services, and the work continues. Thank you for your support!

28th January 2020



Embrace Relief’s Mobile Health Clinic was able to conduct 560 health screenings for people in Mali, Africa, thanks to active and kind users of Sweatcoin!

Our volunteer doctors drove the Mobile Health Clinic to remote places in Mali, where many never see a doctor in their lifetime.

Millions of people in Mali do not have access to or cannot afford proper healthcare which drastically increases the spread of disease and mortality rate.

These standard health check-ups include taking blood pressure, heart rate, breathing capacity, eye exams, hearing exam, scoliosis check, and inspecting any abnormal symptoms, growths, or spots a patient might have.

This is in hopes to fight and prevent the rampant diseases of malaria, cholera, hepatitis, meningitis, polio, rabies, and tuberculosis. Thank you to the Sweatcoin community for bringing accessible healthcare to the people of Mali!

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Thank you for giving us all those options to help others out. This way even those of us who maybe can’t give much money to donate can then help more out in this way. That’s at least how it was and is for me. 😀

Brilliant, I hope people and business realise the value of sweatcoin. It’s awesome.

I walk and donate to great causes.
Love it .
Thanks for making this happen!
Keep adding new charities to your list.

Great way to help yourself while benefiting other human beings in critical need of basic items that most of us take for granted… Feed the need!

That’s brilliant, we shall continue to support the community with our commitment to support our communities.

Before times of uncertainties and even now, one thing for sure that’s great is helping the world village by village what a great blessing with the help of everyone!

Nice to see how we managed to impact nature in a positive way and help communities. Thank you Sweatcoin for making this possible.

I will continue to support sweatcoin. Thank you for giving us a chance to donate even in small amount. God bless us all.🙏🙌🙌🙌

Thank you for giving an opportunity to serve with each steps we walk. This is simply amazing. I would like to join someday as a volunteer for some of the activities sweatcoin is involved with. God bless you!

I love it when we come together as ONE… Keep up such great work…

Lovely way to help out and it doesn’t cost nothing to be kind and I do agree by staying on this site it helps millions so iam gratefull to be apart of it 🙂

Great way of supporting the time for people in the Time were in.

Great way to help yourself while benefiting other critically in need of basic items that most of us take for granted … Feed the need!

Cool to think that I have helped in a way just by walking. I will keep donating for the rest of the time this app is working so we can help the world. Let’s say sweatcoin is a life saver

The first time I heard about sweatcoin, I found it hard to believe that they pay you a certain way to just walk. Also I realize that they give us the opportunity to give back which is always nice! I was brought up to always give back and that good karma will come with doing good deeds. Even when I can’t give in a form of currency, I always feel I am still doing good giving through sweatcoin because it’s still hard earn money through the use of exercise! Thanks to my sister who showed me this app and thank you sweatcoin for giving a foundation to what’s important in life and helping others! 🙏🏽

Honestly, I’m new to sweatcoin. But, since I’ve started with this app, and daily I read to see any other great causes this community of true kinda hearted and loving individuals has introduced. Its brought a warmth into my heart that sadly for a long time now has been dissapating. Im currently trying very hard to give as much as can, even if its just volunteering my voice or my earned sweatcoin that can help whatever cause resonates with me the most on the days I do contribute.
I just wanted to say thank you for the hard work that goes into making these great charities and events happen.
Bless you all, and those who like mee who just want to do something to better so.ekne eles’ life. Thank you again.

I would also like to make a suggestion. The people of sweat coin are probably wanting to do more then just donate to these commmnities. I myself would love to be a volunteer. If there was a way that if we donated a certain amount to these specific charities we should be selected to go to these countries and help volunteer to pass out items and really be involved to see the impact we are making. This was just a idea so maybe somebody could correct me and make it alittle bit more specific but does it sound like a good idea or what!?!? SIGN ME UP!!’

It’s great to see that there is still nice people in this world,
Every now and then it needs to be recognised, for me or restores faith.

Love being able to help out with causes that mean something to me!! Thanks for the opportunity!! Great work!! 👏👏👏❤️

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