If the novel coronavirus pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s to stay healthy. 

Brisk walk in nature

The immune system is vitally important for fighting off virus such as Covid-19. But in order for the immune system to create effective antibodies, you need a good supply of oxygen and good blood circulation. 

Brisk walking is the easiest way to exercise. If you haven’t exercised for a while, walking is the ideal gateway to other forms of exercise. 

With gyms being reduced to minimum capacity, walking in nature is a healthy alternative. Nature walks are a great way to build up your immune system.

Not only that but fitness experts have found that a brisk walk is actually better for your health than an intense gym workout

Gym Germs 

A survey investigating the sanitary practices in communal gyms indicated that over 50% of gym users do not wash their hands when they go to the toilet and 35% admitted they never clean the equipment after use. 

Further investigations identified gym are a breeding ground for bacteria and virus’s that lead to common – and not-so common – illnesses. Men’s Journal listed 7 nasties

The outbreak of Covid-19 means gym goers are even more at risk of contracting the virus. Health Experts report the novel coronavirus can be passed between people through contaminated surfaces.

Covid-19 is alive in saliva, sweat and other secretions. It can infect surfaces when people cough, sneezes, speak, spit or perspire. 

Brisk walking in the open air is far safer. Personal trainers also confirm that slow-paced low-impact exercises are a good way to reduce belly fat. It is thought that a 30-minute brisk walk helps you burn off between 100 to 300 calories. 

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