Best hiking socks

Investing in the best hiking socks helps to make outdoor adventures more comfortable and enjoyable. Bear in mind that hiking involves living through a range of climates and distances that make your feet sweat or freeze. 

When you’re walking long distances on uneven terrain, it’s normal to feel aches and pains in your feet. You will also experience overheating and blisters which can be uncomfortable and dampen your enthusiasm for the day. 

You don’t realise how satisfying a good pair of hiking socks is until you wear them. The best hiking socks keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. They can also help to protect you from developing blisters. 

So what are the best hiking socks available on the market in 2023? Let’s take a look.

Darn Tough Light Hiker Micro Crew

When you put on the best hiking socks, you feel the comfort immediately. Darn’s Tough Light Hiker Micro Crew socks are manufactured by True Seamless™ technology which provides a smooth fit and prevents bunching and blisters. The socks are designed to stave off foot fatigue.

The padded material offers an ultra-comfort fit and the light cushioning is ideal for hikers that want less packaging pressing against their hiking boots. Whilst the Light Hiker Micro sock is light it is exceptionally strong and covered by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Bombas Merina Wool Hiking Crew Socks 

The Bombs Merina Wool Hiking Crew socks feature spandex-zoned cushioning which is strategically positioned to protect the most sensitive parts of your foot against rubbing. 

Soft but durable, Bombas claim their Merina wool socks are like wearing a bearskin rug and you can feel the bounce in them as soon as you put them on. But they also have some stretch in them which opens up vents and allow your feet to breathe. The colourful selection boasts bold patterns for men and women. 

STOX Energy Compression Socks

Some hikers can suffer from muscle pain and leg fatigue which can ruin your enjoyment of hiking. STOX claim to have come up with “revolutionary” compression socks which are designed to help improve blood circulation in your legs. 

Pressure tightens at the ankles to encourage blood flow and massages the arteries so that oxygenated blood is carried to your muscles quicker and helps them to relax. As a result, you feel fewer aches and pains and your recovery time is quicker. 

STOX Energy compression socks are made with Merino wool for maximum comfort and feature toe and heel padding to reduce the risk of blisters. The perspiration-wicking material also reduces sweating.  

Smartwool Performance Run Zero Cushion Ankle socks

Smartwool’s Performance Run Zero socks are made with ZQ-certified Merino wool for added comfort and breathability whilst promoting environmental and social sustainability. In addition, the low-cut ankle socks are manufactured with Virtually Seamless™ technology for enhanced comfort and Indestructawool™ technology for extended durability.

You also get Shred Shield™ technology to reduce chaffing and slipping around the toes and heels. The extra grip is ideal for rough terrain that put your stability to the test. 

Wrightsock CoolMesh II Quarter socks

Wrightsock’s CoolMesh II design is made with a double-layer fibre to prevent blisters but still offers a minimal feel. The inner layer is fitted with a smooth, undyed, hydrophobic recycled polyester, nylon and LYCRA® spandex to maximise moisture wicking which keeps your feet cool and dry. The outer layer is made with recycled polyester, nylon and LYCRA spandex and meshes weave to enhance moisture control and airflow. 

The interaction between the two layers helps to absorb friction and prevent blisters. Recycled polyester improves moisture management and durability so you are guaranteed to get plenty of wear and tear from these quarter socks. In addition, Stabilizer Zone™ technology stitched into the arches locks socks in place to reduce slipping.

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