walking is good exercise

Unlike us, our ancestors were incomparably healthier thanks to physical activities and physical work. If for some reason you can’t train or don’t have time to go to the gym, don’t forget that a daily walk will bring many health benefits.

We often tend to avoid any kind of physical activity, justifying ourselves by lack of time, financial resources, or lack of motivation. When it comes to walking, there is no excuse. Each of us can certainly take time for a walk every day. 

If you take the time to walk every day, be sure that it is the safest and easiest way to maintain your mental and physical health. Here we emphasize five benefits of taking a long walk which will surely motivate you.

Vitamin D From Sunlight

Daylight helps to synchronize the natural biorhythm, as well as to act as a natural antidepressant. The sun, in fact, stimulates the production of endorphins, hormones that make us feel cheerful and relaxed. That’s why we enjoy walking on a sunny day the most.

Sunlight allows the human body to convert vitamin D into calcium. That is why it is necessary to spend time outside during the day, all year round, and not only in spring and summer. 

Staying indoors all day, under artificial light, is not a healthy option. Staying outside, in the sun, walking, running, exercising, and sunbathing… is not a whim, but a justified need of the body.

Increased Blood Flow And Muscle Growth

When the blood does not circulate through the body as it should, neither the organs are supplied with enough oxygen and nutrients, nor the body releases toxins to the extent necessary to function normally.

Most people notice problems with circulation in the extremities, especially in the legs, but this can affect the heart and other organs. To cure poor circulation in the legs naturally, physical activity is at the top of the list. Walking is increasing blood flow and it would be best if you could do it in the morning.

If you increase the level of difficulty, walking can even help you grow your muscles. When you walk, your body will use your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calf muscles to power your movement. But only if you add some intervals and put some weight on your legs you will build the muscles.

Reduce Stress

‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ (a healthy mind in a healthy body)– Latin proverb. According to many, walking is better than antidepressants. When you are physically active, your body releases endorphins, which react with receptors in the brain that affect the experience of pain. 

Walking relieves mental health

Endorphins are both a trigger for positive feelings and calmness like morphine. They act in the brain and spinal cord and other parts of the body.

Lessens Muscular Pain And Stiffness

When the muscles of the leg, arm, or corpse are inflamed, few people have the will to move too much, but lying down in this state is the worst thing you can do to yourself. It is much better to be as physically active as possible than to totally calm down.

Movement speeds up circulation, which means that the blood flows faster through the body and thus supplies the muscles with more nutrients and oxygen, which helps the muscles to regenerate faster and reduces pain. 

Helps To Flush Waste From Your Body By Inhaling More Oxygen

Every time we inhale with full lungs, our body is filled with new, fresh oxygen, which is then transferred to all cells in the body. Oxygen is used to purify the blood, but also to produce energy in the cells. 

It is easy to come to the conclusion that by breathing properly and deeply, we increase oxygen intake and thus energy production. Our body is programmed to cleanse itself of harmful substances that we take into it, and proper breathing can help the body with that function.

If we hold the body properly while walking, we will use the full capacity of the lungs. Use your stay outside to move and breathe properly.

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