A new study shows that undertaking 40 minutes of “moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity” every day is is the optimal amount to balance out 10 hours of sitting down. 

The evidence was gathered from meta-analysis across nine earlier studies and involved 44,370 people. Intensity physical activity is defined as cycling, brisk walking and gardening. 

Brisk walking is considered a physical activity with a reasonably low threshold. It is achievable by most people and offers less risk of injury or following day aches and pains than other sports. 

Moreover, brisk walking has been linked with a longer life expectancy. One UK study found that slow walking men that are underweight leave an average of 64.8 years old. The average life expectancy for fast walker- regardless of weight – was 85.2 years. 

The same measurements for women were 72.4 years for slow walkers and 86.7 years for fast walkers. Sitting cuts your life expectancy by two years

Why Is Sedentary Work In Bad For Your Health?

Sedentary jobs have been linked with a string of conditions that are harmful to you short-term and long-term health. 

Medical researchers have found that sitting at a desk or lounging around in an armchair for a prolonged period of time can have a negative impact on your heart, brain, blood sugar levels, back and more. 

Although it is difficult to escape sedentary work in today’s employment market, moderate physical exercise such as brisk walking. It’s the simplest way to exercise without going to the gym. 

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