You’ve probably noticed how good you feel after a light walk. Happiness is encouraged with the time spent with the family or shopping, but essentially, upright posture and walking are innate to man and it is quite natural to feel good doing something that suits our body perfectly.

However, no matter how simple walking is, it is not always easy to find the motivation to go for a walk, especially if we want to increase the number of steps. That’s why we offer you several strategies that will help you walk more and further.

1. Business Meetings With A Walk

It may come as a surprise to your business associates, but suggest that you organize meetings outdoors, in places that are suitable for walking. Instead of sitting in a conference room, hold walking meetings because it encourages creativity and it is much more relaxed.

2. Walk Your Dog

A great way to make your pet happy and take more steps is to walk together. There is no excuse for physical inactivity or that you are uncomfortable walking alone because there is your best friend who will keep you company and who will motivate you to be physically active every day.

3. Forget The Elevator

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Moving up the stairs instead of the elevator increases the heart rate. If you want to move your body further, you can do a few heel raises from the edge of the stairs.

4. Get Off The Bus Earlier

If you use public transport, intentionally get off the bus earlier and walk a couple of stops. You can also get on the bus before your stop and thus get to know the other end of the city or go shopping.

5. Park The Car Further Away

Instead of parking in the space closest to your place of work or wherever you’re going, park further away. This way you can save money on petrol and contribute to a healthier environment, and you will move more for sure.

Oookay, maybe not that far

6. Walk To School

In my grandad’s day, so I heard like a gazillion times, children had to walk miles to get to school and back. If you usually drive children to school, set aside at least one day a week and walk instead. You will spend more time with your family and influence the adoption of healthy habits.

7. Meeting Friends Outdoors

Instead of in a cafe, you can meet your friends in the park and take a walk with squeezed juice, coffee or water.

8. Multi-Task By Walking

To boost productivity, multi-task by walking whenever you get a phone call or are doing a daily chore like brushing your teeth or cooking.

9. Get A Walking App

Apps that count your steps work like pedometers and are perfect for any level of fitness, whether you’re walking to lose weight or just trying to reach 15,000 steps a day.

10. It Pays To Walk

Make exercise an integral part of your everyday life since it pays to walk. Sweatcoin is promoting walking to improve health and fitness by converting steps into the digital currency you can use to purchase products from hundreds of merchants.

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